Silk  Scarves

Thai silk has many unique characteristics, including a tightly-woven fabric, fine grain and lustrous colours that do not fade after washing. There are also many different traditional styles or designs that mark true Thai silk, including Mudmee – Known for its complex geometric patterns and often using two colours, mudmee is made using a weaving method called Silk threads are dyed prior to weaving so that the vertical warp provides the fabric’s colour while the horizontal weft provides the pattern. Plain Weave – Plain weave silk uses uniform threads to produce an even, consistent and smooth finish. Often two colours are woven together to create a two-toned shine. Dupion – For dupion, threads of varying thickness with knots or lumps are used for a more organic, textured finish. Brocade – Brocade patterns are crafted using extra silk thread during the weaving process to produce an embossed or embroidered texture. This is the most complicated type of Thai silk to produce.

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