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This remarkable journey has seen one store become 20 stores across 10 cities around South East Asia.

Silk Scarves

Thai silk has many unique characteristics, including a tightly-woven fabric, fine grain, and lustrous colors that do not fade after washing. There are also many different traditional styles or designs that mark true Thai silk,

Cashmere Scarves

Pashmina or "soft gold" is a Kashmiri woven wool textile from four distinct breeds of Cashmere goats. These hand-made scarves, stoles, and shawls can be of pure Cashmere wool,


Thai statues are carved out of stone, wood, and bronze that come from various dynasties and the art of making these art pieces has been continued throughout centuries.

Wood Carvings

Thai people are very adept at the art of woodcarving. This can be seen throughout history; Buddha Image carving, graceful temple doors, church buildings, intricate wall murals in all the temples across Thailand,

Gold and silver Jewellry

Thai cottage industries workshop creates handmade jewelry, using techniques such as weaving, printing, and special embroidery. They are combined with different natural stones of great beauty, creating a product of quality and excellence with an exclusive design.

Silk Carpets

Silk carpets are known for their elegance and grace. Silk is a valuable natural fiber that can produce intricate patterns, distinct colors, and characteristic luster.

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